DIFAW is a non governmental, non political, non profit organization dedicated to the upliftment of women, especially the underserved and the unsung women in our rural communities, working in the areas of Socio-Economic, Health Advocacy, Political and Leadership Development, Capacity building and specialized Vocational Education training (Rural Development Initiatives). Read More
  • Poverty Eradication Initiative

    DIFAW engages and increases access to and understanding of information and statistics related to poverty. We empower women by putting this information and the capacity to use it in the hands of rural women and others working to reduce poverty in our local communities. Read More
  • Poverty Eradication Initiative

    In difaw, we recognise that the rural African woman is the backbone of our family, she works tirelessly to contribute her quota to the development of her community/nation, yet she is unheard and unsung. Read More
  • Gender in Democracy

    Democracy should be inclusive, participatory, representative, acceptable and transparent. Recognizing that democracy is a work in progress, there is therefore the need to strive for gender equality as a pillar. Read More
  • Women and Child Health

    The overall goal is through DIFAW's activities, improve an enabling environment for an equity and quality health status of the poor and less privileged groups particularly women, children, and the aged in Nigeria. Read More
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