The headquarters for DIFAW is Nigeria.

DIFAW is headed by a President.

Two Regional Directors, North and South.

International Director liaises with development partners and diaspora chapters.

The Administrative Secretary is in charge of the secretariat and employs needed staff.

National Directors oversee different interests of the organization and they work directly with the President.

Each country maintains its existing geo-political zoning for the distribution of offices and the head of each country is the Country Representative.

Nigeria has six Zonal directors, namely South East, South West, South South, North East, North West, and North Central.

National Youth Liaison Officer.



The states also reflect the political zoning and each State is headed by a State Director working with State Executives that are called Programme Officers. Such areas as:

  • Media and communication
  • Community Relations
  • SME’s
  • Monitoring and Evaluation
  • Vocational Education training
  • Agriculture
  • IT and Youth internship programme
  • Health advocacy
  • Political Education

Three zonal representatives are appointed to work with the State Executives.

Those in charge of the L.G.A are called Co-ordinators and those in charge of Wards are known as Community officers.