Moringa Products.

Some have called the Moringa tree a miracle plant, while others refer to it as the tree of life, whatever you want to call it; we see Moringa as that highly nutritious plant that has been freely given by nature which is wasting away in our backyards due to our ignorance.

Scientific research has proven that Moringa leaves have more nutritional value than most vegetables we consume daily.

In DIFAW, we have made efforts to educate our women/youths on the potentials of Moringa and have also encouraged the setting up of Moringa farms in some states in Nigeria.

Following our successful farms, we now have in stock, Moringa seedlings, Leaves, Powder, Oil and soap.

Our project is a Win Win proposition for the country as a whole, Moringa farming has enabled the organization create the much needed employment and generate income for the rural women and the youths.
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